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Liens intéressants
« La langue de l'Europe, c'est la traduction ». Umberto Eco


"Let them hear you"

« United Nations, A Day in the Life of Real Interpreters »
« A Day in the Life of Real Interpreters » by director Sydney Pollack is an interesting look at the challenges of simultaneous interpretation, explained by Diana Liao, Chief of the Interpretation Service at the UN, and Brigitte Andreassier-Pearl, Chief of the French section of the Interpretation Service at the UN.

Articles et publications

AIIC Webzine, "Communicate", issue 71 - November 2017

Jeannie Rousseau de Clarens, Valiant World War II Spy, Dies at 98, The New York Times

Thiéry, C. (1985), La responsabilité de l’interprète de conférence professionnel ou pourquoi nous ne pouvons pas écrire nos mémoires ?. Meta, 30(1), 78–81.

« Translation trouble at top-level talks », by James Robbins, BBC, 24.01.2004
What does it take to translate for a president or a prime minister? Can an interpreter's slip change the course of history? In Breaking The Language Barrier, some of the great interpreters talk of their experiences with US, UK and Soviet leaders - and confess that they sometimes tone down the language of their political masters.

« The Ultimate multi-taskers », by Geoff Watts, BBC,18.11.2014
The world's most powerful computers can't perform accurate real-time interpreting of one language to another. Yet human interpreters do it with ease. Geoff Watts meets the neuroscientists who are starting to explain this remarkable ability.